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Banning of extremist organisations is a right step


In a decisive move, a communal and radical outfit, Popular Front of India (PFI), has been banned for five years by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for its alleged links to terror funding. In addition to this, PFI's associate organisations -- Rehab India Foundation (RIF), Campus Front of India (CFI), All India Imams Council (AIIC), National Confederation of Human Rights Organization (NCHRO), National Women's Front, Junior Front, Empower India Foundation and Rehab Foundation, Kerala -- are also banned leading to debate in the media about this. A leading organisation of Pasmanda muslim named All India Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz has welcomed this move stataing that the Pasmanda Mahaz is against Muslim communalism and believes that such organisations are also against the basic spirit of Islam. So the extremist and radical organisations must be proscribed in order to maintain peace and harmony in the country, especially those organisations which have been instituted in the name of Islam but fail to follow Islamic principles and teachings. Islam propagates love and compassion for building an idealistic society devoid of fundamentalist organisations and proprietors who incite evil and violent activities. There is a famous 'hadees', which states: "Whosoever of you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart and that is the weakest of faith." This hadees motivates all Muslims to prevent the wrong doer whether it includes big sins like killing, lynching, mass violence or small sins as abusing, backbiting. Also read | From making IEDs to creating civil war-like situation, PFI's plan was 'big' A true Muslim must stop wicked person and organisation. Such organisations must be banned which encourages a sense of enmity rather than love and compassion; provoking innocent Muslims into violent protests rather than focusing on a peaceful, prosperous community. The Prophet Muhammad never allowed his companions to create instability and dissonance. "Whoever wrongs one with whom a covenant has been made, burdens him with more than he can bear or forcibly takes something from him, I will be his adversary on the Day of Judgment," (Al-Baihaqi). The Indian Muslim community has been enjoying liberty of religion, equality, for earning livelihood, fraternity for prosperous society and enjoying a peaceful lifestyle. Islam is as old in India as it is in Mecca. The great examples of the Barwada Mosque in Ghogha, Gujarat built before 623 CE, Cheraman Juma Mosque (629 CE) in Methala, Kerala and Palaiya Jumma Palli (or The Old Jumma Masjid - 628 - 630 CE) in Kilakarai testifies to the statement. All these mosques could not have survived if there was hatred and communal tensions between the communities in the past. This shows that Muslims have always enjoyed peaceful and friendly relations with their other Indian counterparts who have different faiths. Consequently, if a handful of deviated Muslims form such organisations or institutions that stand against love, peace, brotherhood and Indian Constitution, they must be banned and boycotted immediately. "None of you (truly) believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself." (Hadees) The reliable and applicable Hadees shows the importance of good will for our neighbours and near ones. Contrasting this Hadees, proprietors and partners of radical organisations like Popular Front of India (PFI) have been trying to snare innocent unemployed Muslims in the organisation and grooming them to develop radical violent approaches and to harass innocent people not conforming to their ideology These organisations are working against humanity. The nationwide ban is expected to force them to quit their unethical work and repent to their flaws; adopt a simple and straightforward path that will lead them to build a prosperous culture and tradition as the following Quranic verse pleads unambiguously. "Except for those who repent, believe and do righteous work. For them Allah will replace their evil deeds with good. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful. (Quran 25:70)"